Colm-Legault B Support

  • Colm: Hey, you! Ready to hear how badly you lost?
  • Legault: How badly I lost, hm? Well, this ought to be entertaining at least. *pulls out a scrap of fabric that... appears to have been clipped from the hem of Colm's cloak. Okay.*
  • Colm: What? Is that- *inspects his cloak* What did you do to my cloak?!
  • Legault: I just cut a piece from it while you were asleep, that's all. *mildly* Can you beat me if you're that inattentive?
  • Legault: *crooked smile* I think you'd prefer just losing a piece of it to the whole thing, hm?
  • Colm: *deep breath* Ok, ok. *smiles* I guess I should thank you for not taking the whole thing. You're going to kill me when you see... this!
  • Colm: *holds up what looks like... purple hair*
  • Legault: *free hand automatically goes up to check his hair, down to... oh hey, look, uneven ends. Well now.* Now when did you get that?
  • Colm: I got it while you were asleep, same as you. It looks funny without the headband. Now who's inattentive?
  • Colm: *exudes smugness*
  • Legault: ... *has to chuckle, despite himself* All right. You're better than I thought.
  • Colm: *Is very, very quietly thrilled*
  • Colm: Really? Wow, I thought you'd be mad.
  • Legault: *not quite happy about having his hair cut, but at least this is an improvement over "but you're so old!"* It could be worse. *dry* At least you didn't go for all of it.
  • Colm: Hah! Yeah, good thing.
  • Colm: Anyway, I'm gonna go fix this cloak. See you around Legault!
  • Colm: Oh and don't worry. Your secret's safe with me. About the Hurricane.
  • Legault: Here, why don't you take this back? You'd stand out too much with one odd-colored patch on your cloak, kid. *offers the cloak scrap to Colm* ... And thanks.
  • Colm: *Picks up the thick scrap of cloth from Legault's hand. Cutting this quickly and quietly must have been quite a feat.* Thanks. And, um... here's your hair. *Extends hand with violet locks to Legault*
  • Legault: *wry* It's not like I can just sew it back on, but thanks. *takes the proffered hair back and pockets it* Stay out of trouble, kid.
  • Colm: Thanks. See you around, Legault! *Scampers off, content in his victory*
  • Legault: *watches Colm run off* ... My, but he's not as bad as I thought. I guess I'll give his dagger back to him next time. That handle won't do much for him in a fight, after all.
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